IPM Routine and SOPs

IPM Routine:

Lost Coast Plant Therapy, Zerotol 2.0, and/or Suffoil-X is used weekly in rotation on all mother plants.

Freshly plugged clones are dipped and/or sprayed with BioWorks Suffoil-X and Zerotol 2.0.

Predatory mites / beetles are applied bi-weekly / bi-monthly and may tag along!


Tools, Supplies, and SOPs:

All rooms that house mother plants are thoroughly cleaned with a 10% bleach solution weekly.

Each mother plant has her own trimming scissors, no tools are shared, all tools are cleaned with a bleach solution before and after each use to avoid cross contamination.

Clonex Gel / Athena Cuts is applied directly into each Root Riot cube separately, to avoid cross contamination.

New, individually wrapped, nitrile gloves are used for each genetic.

All new genetics are quarantined, tested for HLVd & Fusarium twice through Tumi Genomics and inspected for pest pressure, before clones are taken!