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Notorious THC (Teen)

Notorious THC (Teen)

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One “Notorious THC” teen well established in a 3.5” pot!


These meticulously nurtured plants boast well established roots and a verdant height of approximately 12”, aged between one week and one month from transplanting to shipping!


Notorious THC, a creation by Humboldt Seed Company, emerges from the genetic fusion of Ghost of Von Humboldt, Caramel Cream, and Humboldt Frost. This indica-dominant strain is a testament to careful breeding, emphasizing both high THC content and a prolific yield. Ideal for growers seeking a swift cultivation process and substantial returns, Notorious THC boasts qualities that cater to both efficiency and potency.

The flowering period for Notorious THC spans approximately 8-9 weeks, making it a relatively fast-growing strain. Outdoor growers can anticipate harvest around mid-October, aligning with the autumn season. One of the defining features of this strain is its abundant trichome coverage, with branches adorned by large, dense, army green colas enveloped in fuzzy amber hairs.

The olfactory experience of Notorious THC is robust and distinctive, characterized by a skunky, gassy, and diesel aroma with earthy pine undertones. Subtle notes of chestnut and caramel add complexity to the overall scent profile. Limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and linalool are the primary terpenes contributing to these potent and captivating aromas.

Consumers indulging in Notorious THC can anticipate a hard-hitting experience that encompasses euphoria, happiness, upliftment, creativity, and relaxation. This strain is well-suited for unwinding at home after a long day, providing users with a sense of relief from daily chronic pain and inflammation.

In essence, Notorious THC combines potency and productivity, making it a standout choice for cultivators and consumers alike. Whether you seek a robust harvest or a therapeutic escape, this strain offers a well-rounded and satisfying cannabis experience.

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