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Papaya Punch (Teen)

Papaya Punch (Teen)

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One “Papaya Punch” teen well established in a 3.5” pot!


These meticulously nurtured plants boast well established roots and a verdant height of approximately 12”, aged between one week and one month from transplanting to shipping!


Papaya Punch, born from the union of Papaya and Purple Punch, emerges as an Indica-leaning strain with the potential for a robust THC profile. A careful approach to cultivation is recommended to unlock the strain's full potential, and its growth characteristics demand attention, especially when it comes to outdoor cultivation.

Genetics and Maturation: Papaya Punch inherits its genetic diversity from the cross between Papaya and Purple Punch. With a tendency towards the Indica spectrum, this strain thrives when given the right care. Maturing in approximately 58-63 days, Papaya Punch offers a moderate yield. Pruning is particularly beneficial for this strain, especially outdoors, where susceptibility to mold requires vigilant monitoring. The SCROG (Screen of Green) technique proves advantageous, providing control over the strain's growth pattern.

Appearance and Growth Pattern: Papaya Punch exhibits a compact growth pattern with minimal space between buds and nodes. Its heart-shaped green nugs are densely packed, adorned with a thick layer of opaque, milky-white trichomes. Growers recommend using outward trellis training to manage the strain's ambitious leaf and trichome production, ensuring a heavy yield without compromising on quality.

Aroma and Flavor Profile: Papaya Punch makes a memorable impression with its captivating aroma and flavor. Citrus tropical tones, with hints of lemon and orange, create a refreshing and vibrant sensory experience. Lavender undertones add complexity to the profile, while an earthy and spicy hint completes the ensemble. This rich bouquet of scents and flavors is attributed to the presence of terpenes such as pinene, myrcene, ocimene, humulene, and terpinolene.

Effects and Medicinal Uses: Users of Papaya Punch report a potent combination of effects, making it a versatile choice for various therapeutic applications. This strain is known to be effective in alleviating insomnia, chronic pain, and symptoms of depression. The harmonious blend of terpenes contributes to both the strain's aromatic complexity and its potential therapeutic benefits.

Cultivation Recommendations: Cultivating Papaya Punch requires attention to detail, especially in outdoor settings where mold susceptibility is a concern. Pruning, particularly the use of the SCROG technique, proves beneficial in managing the strain's growth and optimizing yield. A careful approach to cultivation is rewarded with a heavy yield of high-quality buds.

Legacy of Oni Seed Company: Papaya Punch is a creation of the Oni Seed Company, a breeder known for its dedication to crafting unique and potent cannabis strains. With a commitment to quality genetics, Oni Seed Company contributes to the diversity of the cannabis market, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to explore new and exciting cultivars.

Papaya Punch, with its fusion of flavors, alluring aroma, and versatile effects, stands as a testament to the artistry of cannabis breeding. Whether enjoyed for its sensory delights or embraced for its therapeutic potential, Papaya Punch continues to capture the attention of cannabis connoisseurs seeking a memorable and impactful experience.

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