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Purple Queen (Teen)

Purple Queen (Teen)

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One “Purple Queen” teen well established in a 3.5” pot!


These meticulously nurtured plants boast well established roots and a verdant height of approximately 12”, aged between one week and one month from transplanting to shipping!


Purple Queen, a regal strain in both appearance and effects, is the result of crossing Hindu Kush with Purple Afghani. This Indica-dominant hybrid stands at 70%, delivering a potent THC content ranging from 18% to a robust 29%.

This strain is recognized for its speedy flowering period, maturing within 56-63 days or reaching readiness by mid-September when cultivated outdoors. Purple Queen is a high-yielding strain, producing an above-average yield of 450-500 grams per square meter when grown indoors and 650-700 grams per plant in outdoor settings.

Characterized by its squatty and bushy structure, Purple Queen develops dense, gooey buds and colas with short internodal spacing. As the plant transitions from the vegetative stage to bloom, it gradually takes on lavender hues. Removing oversized fan leaves enhances light penetration, while cooler nighttime temperatures during late bloom contribute to the development of rich, royal purple flowers and foliage.

The aroma and flavor profile of Purple Queen is marked by pungent earthiness, lemon-pine, and hash undertones with citrusy notes. The strain's dense, frosty purple buds are visually striking and aromatic, offering a delightful sensory experience.

Consumers of Purple Queen commonly report feelings of euphoria accompanied by stoned, relaxing, and sedative effects. Additionally, this strain is noted for its calming physical effects and appetite-stimulating properties.

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